mardi 1 mars 2011

Mahalo deli vegan plate

Fridays, saturdays and sometimes sundays I started cooking in Mahalo deli cafe in Inamuragasaki,
Concept is simple , different people cooking on different days .
last week I did it with Yuka san from Luce tempo , that was fun!
Yuka san with Izumi chan are taking care of tuesdays, wednesdays and thusrdays .
At Mahalo deli you can take out food or eat a vegan plate , then have macrobiotic 和chocolat or cake and a nice tea at the cafe.

Menu of friday :
-cabagge and tofu in herbs dashi
- red cabbage salade with red oignon and coriandre and cumin okara falafel
- romanesco califlower pasta with garlic and olive oil
serv with genmai
Menu of saturday:
-pumpkin sauté in garlic with spinach salad from Kamakura ichiba
- red cabbage cooked 2 hours with vinegar and apple with organic lentils salad
- french croquettes of potato and european leaks with herbs serv with mix salad
serv with genmai
all yasai from Kamakura ichiba

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